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Nuppi 2

NUPPI ® 2- dry adapted follow-on milk powder for babies from 6 months and older.

Dry adapted follow-on milk powder with prebiotics and nucleotides. This milk formula is designed for feeding healthy babies from 6 months of age, in cases when breastfeeding is not feasible or insufficient. 

NUPPI ® 2 is nutritionally tailored to support your baby’s development from 6 months of age. 



Folic acid

Iodine, iron and taurine

Nuppi tabs


Important information:

The breastfeeding is always the best for the child . With a lack or absence of breast milk, as well as the testimony of doctors, your baby needs a special food, which a nutrient composition would similar to the breast milk as much as possible. Before beginning feeding with the infant formula, it is important to consult a pediatrician. Our product is made of high quality raw materials and manufactured in Europe in accordance with the quality standards of the European company. 

Method of preparation: 

  1. Wash your hands carefully before preparing the milk formula.
  2. Sterilize all tableware necessary for preparation feeding of milk formula.
  3. Boil drinking water, cool it to 37º C - 40º C and pour into a feeding bottle in accordance to the feeding chart. 
  4. Add required quantity of milk formula, using the measuring spoons (unheaped) - accordance to the feeding chart. 
  5. Shake the bottle well until the milk formula is fully dissolved.
  6. Check the temperature of the final milk formula by dropping it on the inner side of your wrist.


  • To prepare the milk formula, use a measuring spoon, which is inside the package.
  • 1 unheaped measuring spoon = 4.6 g of dry milk formula.
  • Before first use, wash the measuring spoon carefully.
  • Prepare the milk formula immediately before each feeding.
  • Strictly follow the instructions for the preparation and storage of the milk formula.
  • Non-compliance with instructions may harm the child's health.
  • Don´t use the remains of the ready-to-use milk formula for next feeding.
  • Don´t leave your baby alone during the feeding.
  • Don´t heat the milk formula in a microwave oven.
  • Check the temperature of ready-to-use milk formula before giving it to the child.

Feeding chart (prior to feeding, consult with pediatrician)

Baby´s age, months Amount of water, ml Quantity of measuring spoons
6 - 9 180 6
9 - 12 180 6

Storage conditions:

Unopened packaging should be stored at temperatures from 0 ºС to + 25 º with a relative air humidity of no more than 75%. After opening the inner packaging the product should be stored in a dry cool place for no more than 3 weeks. Do not store in fridge.